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Our Alumni get employed 3x faster compared with other graduates - 2018 Research. China has become the single most important destination for career development and Exposure for young people. - You will rather be in China than any other place

- Our Internships are Unique such that you will have access to a Personal Coach who will guide you launch a Professional Career
- We match you to Multinational Organizations in China who value creativity and hard work
- Network and meet other Young people from Europe, America, and Australia
- Explore China and Learn the Chinese Language

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Review from Delloitte HR

I recommend CIP's Internship program to any young graduate looking to be prepared for the Job Market. We have worked with them and their Interns are awesome too
Emiley Cheng, HR Deloitte, Asia

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Do you know that aside from gaining experiences, you also need someone to connect and help you design strategies to launch your career? We speed your employability 70% ahead of your peers with our Mentoring and Coaching Components. CIP’s Internship Programs are designed with a 360 Degree Personal Development Features. As an Alumni you will complete the program with real skills gained from Host Companies, a career strategy personalized to your dreams and a complete knowledge of Chinese Business Environment

Combine your experience with Cultural immersion, trips, Business networking, and kungfu classes 🙂

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CIP Interns are 50% likely to get jobs earlier than other job seekers. Work in a Multinational Organization in China with Professional Mentoring by Expert from Silicon Valley team .Explore china like a local, Network and attend Business Seminar (Best Combination)

Learn Chinese Language with real cultural immersion. Travel, Explore, make new friends and Volunteer (Available in Summer, Semester / Year , Winter all Year round). Want to study Chinese in a University or Language School? There are several options to choose from. Customize it

Other Programs include Gap Year, Summer Programs, High School programs, Study Abroad and other exciting opportunities to discover China. We are a one-stop platform for all International programs in China with decades of experience. Get the best Experience with CIP

Internship is your Life and our Business.
We don't Joke with it

Planning an internship abroad is just as important as selecting a college major and your career. Unless you'd like to settle for mediocre, you need to spend a considerable amount of time planning every facet of it. Our recommended timeframe for at least 3 - 6 months planning period. The good news is we are here to help you with the planning phase. We have seasoned Program Directors who guide you through every stage. We make available fresh, factual and dependable information so you can make an informed decision

In this practical guide, you will find a comprehensive checklist on how to optimize your internship. Our information includes: cost descriptions, duration, preparation advice -- all written by our Career Experts. This e-book is our best practices all conveniently compiled in one place. Prepared with love & care by your CIP team.

Get Mentored, Get Ahead

Get ahead of your peers! Our Internships are Unique as Participants are mentored and Coached by seasoned Career Experts Selected from Wall Street and Silicon Valley - They provide you career tips and guides.95% of your peers are not aware of. Its a whole transformative process not just internship job roles.

Award Winning

2017 notable Mentioned Program on In 2015, our hard work was noticed by Deloitte's Asia Award for innovative investment in young people. Since then, every intern that goes through our program is also given a trophy as appreciation and confidence in us. Most universities recommend us too

Safe & Customized

CIP's programs and designed to accommodate your preferences because we are aware no two individuals are same. So you go ahead and combine our program components as you desire. The health needs of our interns are covered with a standard Insurance policy up to USD$100,000 of health expenditure

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