China Internship Accommodation Options

Program Accommodation

China Internship Placements fixes accommodations to enhance participants’ experience. There are interesting accommodation options to select from. They come with a clean, modern, comfortable, and suitably located. CIP also has very affordable accommodation arrangements purposely to reduce the cost of embarking on our program.

Accommodation provision and is included in all our prices covering the entire study and internship duration in China.Our study and internship programs in China have one of the best accommodation facilities, properly arranged and closer to place of work or study to make the process of commuting easier throughout the program. We budget and spend between 40-60% of the total program fee on providing befitting accommodation and housing arrangements for our Internship in China Program participants. Our programs are run in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Guangzhou are prime Chinese cities which are properly planned. China Internship Placements Limited has a dedicated department who diligently dealing solely with accommodation and we cannot miss it. We also partner with local service providers who assist in getting proper accommodations arranged.

Safety & Comfort

Enjoy the comfort of your secured serviced apartments while interning or studying abroad in China. Live with other interns and experience China like a local

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When you join our china Internship Program, you will not miss it. Our Internship accommodations are comfortable, safe and within reach. We make arrangements at the very important parts of the city with beautiful views at night and sunset. All accommodations are arranged using a properly laid down procedures and standards.There are several accommodation options to be selected by our participants and whichever option is chosen, We guarantee safety, privacy and convenience. All our accommodation options are not inclusive of feeding but we help participants in locating restaurants closer to their place of abode. We also help in introducing participants to Chinese staples ideal for all major meal times.ore interview or during application.

Features of Our Accommodation



Irrespective of which accommodation option you chose, you get a private bedroom fully furnished but share living area. Applicants who chose Private accommodations are even guaranteed more privacy. 


Safe and Secured

CIP’s Serviced apartments are safe and secured. They are fitted with security cameras located at vantage points and monitored by local security guards. The communities are gated and needs personality validation before entry. 


Modern and Centrally located

Centrally located, all apartments feature Central heating and air conditioning, free internet access, television, as well as washing machines and other basic facilities need to make you feel comfortable.


Communal Living

Whether you join an internship in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen or participate in our Learn Chinese Program, You will be living with participants from all over the world. Our Serviced apartments are designed to enhance engagement among our interns. You will certainly forget about home

Shared Apartment

Staying with Chinese youngsters and college students, is a sure way to learn Chinese language and get immersed into Chinese culture. Shared apartments are situated in facilities with two bedrooms and our interns occupy one with a Chinese Youngster in the other. We are able to guarantee that privacies will not be violated. These apartments are also ideal for immersion. We do not compromise the comfort of our participants sp we screen apartment mates before committing to it.Facilities found in these apartments are updated and enough for the comfort of our participants. All apartment options are modern-styled.

Private Apartment

These are private facilities located at the premium sides of the city with beautiful overviews. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, are cities with beautiful architecture worth viewing at night. Though it comes at an extra cost compared to the above options it posses much flexibility.


A very distinct feature of our program is immersion and our accommodation options support this mission. Home stay accommodation is optimal for a deeper cultural immersion the families who participate are business owners and entrepreneurs with good reputation. They are open minded and willing to embrace other cultures. The are selected based on our standards especially nearness to work and study place, Safety and security and many others. You will have a private bedroom but may share living area with the family. Aside reducing the total cost of your program, there are special arrangements where  families provide meals and they may even Pay salaries

Gap Year Participants in Beijing Volunteering

Other Options

We have some other accommodation options that are rarely demanded such as Hotel Accommodations and Campus Dormitories. These are equally habitable options and could be arranged on request. The dormitories could be arranged for our high school participants and Intensive Chinese language participants.