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Marketing internships abroad is undoubtedly a differentiator and separates prepared graduates from the others. Mastering the art of marketing requires that Young graduates understand what it takes to prepare strategies to promote brands in all markets. Dr. Philip Kotler defines marketing as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the profit potential.”

If you’ve been studying anything related to marketing, and this is where your interest lies, then taking a marketing internship abroad might be the right step. Taking an internship abroad isn’t just a fun project, so you need to prepare well, and that’s what we’ll help you.   Whether it’s a Sales, Public Relations Media, Digital Marketing, Events or Branding, an International Marketing Internships present a Great Opportunity to expand beyond borders. Internships Abroad make you a real Marketer.

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Types of Marketing Internships


  • International Sales Internships

In business, the term Sales or Marketing are usually used interchangeably, especially in smaller companies. Apart from actually selling the product, the two typically give you a similar experience. In any business venture, the sales department deals with creating awareness for the prospect buyers, generating interest, making the sale, and retaining the customers. When doing an Internship in a sales position abroad, you can be placed at any of the four stages: Creating awareness– Deals with the attracting your prospect buyers and has to do with everything before sales happen. Most Summer marketing internships present interns with tasks such as creating lists of potential workers, observing sales calls by the manager, preparing a presentation for clients. Generating Interest– Has to do with generating leads in the attraction stage by organizing, cold calling and emailing your potential clients. Closing the sale – Doing follow-ups on clients by making visitations and assisting the sales manager in closing the deals. Retaining Customers–  Work on after sales, including getting customer feedback from existing clients, sending newsletters and mailers.

  • PR Internships Abroad

All Companies thrive on PR. When you are in Public relations, you need excellent communication skills and a good sense of what information is trending and how to get multiple tasks completed over a shorter period. Public relations can be a handful, and there’re many skills to be gained. As a PR intern, you will work around; Media tracking-look for news from various media posting on the internet and other sources. Press release and additional content: Put up stories together and other content like media releases from different channels to be released. Have a range of different writing skills in all level of discipline is required. You will gain knowledge of many market sectors and the emerging trends of upcoming industries. Market research- Collect information by directly getting involved with the customers in the market as well as using existing materials already published in the company.

  • International Media Internship

When pursuing a career in media, you will have several positions to choose. The industry is quickly growing with several career path that you can take, such as digital prints and broadcasting. A media internship requires strong communication skills and soft skills to collaborate as a team. It is beneficial for you to know at least a couple of computers, software, and application. The print involves creating value by distributing information in different mediums such as newspapers, ebooks, and the internet. Broadcasting has to do with giving information.

In a media or journalism internship, you might be assigned a team to work the designs for the next digital poster or ebook.

  • Digital Marketing Internship Abroad

Digital Marketing is the new type of marketing where advertising is done using digital technologies that are not intrusive to the viewer but directs them to valuable information. Mainly happens on the internet or through other digital media like email, mobile apps, and display advertising. Creativity is critical in becoming an excellent Digital Marketer. As an intern, you will get to write press releases, features, articles, blog posts, and other social media content on various topics.

  • Events Management Internship

Event Management or event planning open Career doors to numerous type of industries. The industry Increases your management and planning skills, exposing young graduates to different organizations such as Nonprofits, Government entities, large corporation, and so forth. Doing an internship in event management, you need to be proactive, multitask, and excellent time management skills. Internship tasks may include; Event planning Selecting Venues Logistics planning, Monitoring events promotion. An event Management internship will set you apart from other graduates as you advance and gain an understanding of the field.

  • Branding Internships

Branding marketing has to do with making sure the quality of the product or service given to customer represents their market Identity. Brand marketing is essential to every business, from food to new technologies. Every product in a company has to be authentic to its manufacturer, to influence customer decisions. An intern in a Branding marketing position takes on the responsibility of developing brand campaigns, increase customers’ awareness, and communicate what the company does through posts in social media. It also may cover logo designs, coordinating other campaigns, and participating in events and fairs representing the company. Brand marketing may also require strong spoken and writing skills as well as some knowledge of different tools and digital software like photoshop and illustrator.


  • Product Developments

In a product development internship, creativity is vital. Much of the work has to do with the processes done to get a new product into the market. Every product goes through a series of steps before being created, including the conceptualization, design, development and marketing and branding the goods or service. An intern in product development will usually work hand in hand with the product managers to develop new ideas. When working in a  given technology industry that builds applications, you will need to ask questions like; What features and functionalities should the app have? Is the interface good enough, or can we make it more user-friendly? Customer feedback is vital in contributing to the final results of the product during Alpha testing, and as well when the final product is released. As an intern, you may be required to analyze customer feedback to find the root of the problem and provide a solution to the issues that the product has.

  • Marketing Consulting and Strategy

If you to develop skills around Marketing consulting and strategy, you will be working with clients to fix their marketing strategies. It involves the revision of current business strategies used by the company and also giving recommendations based on facts to increase performance to achieve business goals. As an intern in consulting, you may be assigned to assist in planning and giving presentations, build analytical models, and gather up data through research. A management consulting internship develops aptitudes such as problem-solving, analytical, and communications skills, that strengthens your research skills and decision making.

  • Market Entry Research

Market entry refers to planning the distribution and method of delivery of goods and services to enter a niche market. In initializing the proposal of a given product, the barriers to entry must be checked and considered, those that have to do with the cost of marketing, sales, and delivery. To be a great market entry intern, you must be a dynamic thinker and proactive problem solver. In this field requires an aptitude for writing long reports about the different industries

To excel, a good intern must update its client on essential dates such as relevant exhibition dates, etc. Securing this type of marketing internship improves your research skills and will you stand out in your resume as a detail-oriented person and a professional planner.     When looking for a paid marketing internship abroad, you are likely to gain a country and industry-specific skills.

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Best sectors for marketing internships


There are a couple of upcoming sectors that are best for marketing Internships. These are merging industries, and most growth-prone meaning, you’ll find a lot of paid marketing internships abroad within these sectors. They are not likely to go down anytime soon

Try Marketing Internship in IT Area

Information technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the world, with many career opportunities. It allows for digital operations, which include web design computing and many other digital tasks. As the world is getting digitized, there’s a new need for the IT to run organizations and businesses. So why marketing Internship in the IT area is a cool idea? As an intern, you will be selling technology solutions to Companies and helping them make the right choices. The knowledge deepens your understanding of tech trends and other innovative industry shortfalls. As an aspiring marketer, you will be gathering information about competitors, reviews, maintain a database, manage projects, and even develop websites and other applications. So taking an internship in the IT sector exposes you a great deal.

Why not Marketing Internships in E-commerce?

E-commerce is the future of marketing, replacing brick and mortar approach to selling. E-commerce internships will expose you to ways in that businesses or individuals do business through electronic networks. There are four primary operations that e-commerce functions around and that includes; Business to business (B2B), Business to consumer (B2C), Consumer to consumer (C2C) and then Consumer to business (C2B). Depending on the category of e-commerce, you are in will use marketing strategies. In B2B companies, marketing interns may join the team that promotes products to wholesalers either through promotions or customer retention. In consumer to business type, a company can use targeting advertising to have broader customer outreach. Youtube is an excellent example of targeted advertising where different companies use the platform to promote their products through other peoples channels. Gaining experience in this industry will surely enhance your profile.

Marketing Internship in Finance Companies

Most fascinating of all is an international Marketing internship in the finance industry. It feels like an imperfect combination but very possible. Finance is a field of study that deals with the allocation of assets and liabilities over a certain amount of time. It may seem that finance is an entirely different field from marketing, but the two cohabits to ensure that innovative financial services are delivered to the right category of people. As an Internship Service Provider, we do advice young graduates and interns to pick up Marketing internship with Financial organizations. Most of the times, Marketing majors feel intimated by the industry, but the fact is that Investment Banking, Private Equity, Investment Management, and Wealth Management are all built on Marketing.

As an intern in the Finance field, you will be trained to understand all Financial Instruments and their target consumers. This means consistency in the area could create a short cut to Senior Finance roles in the future. Are you looking to transition from marketing to Finance? This is an excellent strategy to consider

Marketing Internship with International Trade Companies

Looking for a marketing internship that covers areas of International Trade and Business? I recommend trying this abroad. It’s merely the distribution of products from manufacturers to distributors or retailers across borders. So a Manufacturer in China could sell to a retailer in London or Los Angeles through the process of international Trade. College students and Young graduates considering marketing internship engage in Trade shows Business Development in Various markets and researching about consumer trends. You will Create promotions using adverts to reach consumers beyond borders. With the help of logistics import and export, clients can receive the goods they ordered. You will gain digital marketing skills and the art of targeting customers through the website, social media, and other marketing platforms.

Marketing Internship in Consulting Sector

Before a business starts in a given venture, it must first get the expert advice from a consultant to succeed. But Consulting firms need to market their services to attract the right clients. Consulting is essential in marketing because it allows the business to think creatively and analytically about the appropriate marketing strategies that would produce the most exceptional results. A marketing internship will engage you on real skills such as trend analysis, in consumer activity review, implementation of marketing campaigns, and so much more. When all is said and done Marketing interns who join Consulting Companies gain an understanding of corporate problem-solving and client engagement


Why is international marketing internships valuable?

Perhaps you still doubt whether you should take an international marketing internship at all or you need some reasons to persuade your parents. Well, let me tell you all the reasons why a paid marketing internship abroad is so good for you and your career.   First of all, it’s a great stepping stone for your career as you’ll be able to get your first experience in the work field. Perhaps you’ll do so well in your internship that they offer you a job. Even though that doesn’t happen, you have some experience on your resume that will help you in the work field.

On top of this, getting experience at all is excellent, but in this context, you’re getting international experience. This looks even more impressive on your resume and will differentiate you in the job market.  Next, you’re looking for a paid marketing internship, which means that you’ll be making money. It’s always a benefit to recouping the cost of placements and traveling abroad.

Taking an international internship abroad allows you to come into contact and learn about another culture, which is excellent for personal growth. Learning about other cultures and meeting people from different cultures can broaden your horizon and help you grow as a person.

As an aspiring marketing executive, cultural insights and gaining an understanding of how people make a Global Strategy decision is a critical skill. Cultural exposure informs your marketing strategies and decisions

Build that International network for the future. Your international Internship will expose you to real marketing executives who have succeeded in leading corporate strategy and conquering markets. These are real advantages.


How to find a marketing internship abroad?

Now it’s time actually to find that international marketing internship, so let’s go through a few tips

  1. First, you’ll need to update your resume related to the placement that you’re applying. Just add all your international experience, special skills, and university work that is relevant for that specific internship. Your resume is the first impression that such a company will get from you, so make it count.
  2. Don’t forget to mention extracurricular work either like volunteering you’ve done or worked on a school newspaper if this is relevant
  3. The chances are that employers won’t read your entire resume, so put your most relevant skills and achievements on top right after your personal information. This way you can catch their attention and spark their interest for the rest of your resume and cover letter
  4. Your resume needs to be complete, but it shouldn’t be unnecessarily long. So only mention the things that are relevant and use concise language.
  5. Try to get and mention references, employers might not necessarily ask for them, but they sure better your position
  6. You should be completely honest on your resume. Made-up skills and made-up references will only get you into trouble.
  7. Write a specific cover letter for each internship, and you can’t recycle the same cover letter. The cover letter needs to focus on the kind of intern they are looking for and why you are that intern. To this, you need to add why you want to work for their company, which is why you need to write a new cover letter each time.
  8. Use the keywords you find in the listing to make the cover letter specifically for the internship. When they mention Time Management skills make sure that you mention these too
  9. Use examples from past work or university experience that prove you have the skills that you talk about having. This shows to the company that you do know what you’re doing.
  10. Make sure to proofread your cover letter a couple of times before you send it. This way you know certainly that you’ve included everything and that there are no mistakes left in the message.

To make sure you secure a paid marketing internship abroad, you need to remain optimistic to begin. You will probably be facing a lot of rejection before finding a paid marketing internship opportunity. But remember that you are competing with hundreds or thousands of other students, so there is no shame in being rejected. This is a reflection of the job market, so it’s better you get used to it.


Best Marketing Internships Abroad –

What is the best City or country for Marketing internships?


Below you’ll find some of the most popular destinations for a paid marketing internship abroad along with a couple of providers and websites where you can find these internships. For example, China has become one of the best destinations for Marketing internships because Most Western Countries are actively involved in selling to Chinese.

Shanghai internship for Marketing students

Marketing internship in China:

China’s economy is booming, with many startups and large enterprises, which make it easy for any high school or college graduate to get a job. If you are a Young Graduate looking for an internship abroad relevant to the future, then China is a place to be. The country promises to give you multiple skills and make you an expert in your career path, including Cultural and language skills. Not only does China offer a chance to learn a new foreign language but also has beautiful sites to visit that are culturally enriched. Big cities like Beijing and Shanghai have a higher number of growing businesses trying to gain a larger market share, opening up to many marketing jobs. Getting a Marketing internship here will look amazing on your resume. If you’re ready to dive head-first in a completely different culture, then China is where you want to go.

Consider the following resources if you need any assistance arranging internships in China and also help to navigate the culture and language, these Companies can help

China Internship Placements

Smart Intern China

World Internships

International Marketing internships - Australia Interns at site

Marketing internship in Australia:

Australia has an excellent economy, making it perfect for a paid internship. The country is filled with fantastic scenery, diverse wildlife, and unique architecture. A marketing internship in Australia is ideal for the international student as it has people from multiple cultural backgrounds; that would surely make you feel welcomed. If you are searching for marketing internships, then it is the right place to be, for it is leading in advertising and marketing in the world. Apart from being in a land filled with endless opportunities, you’ll get to experience the laid-back Australian lifestyle, which will make it feel like a holiday. Internationalized cities like Sydney, Alberta, Queensland are great for marketing internships

Jora Australia

Indeed Australia


Availability: Summer Marketing Internships, Winter and All Year Round

Marketing internship in the UK:

Experience and get immersed in an authentic British Culture with a Marketing internship. The UK might be an English-speaking country, but you’ll experience authenticity. The country has an increasingly large number of international businesses and is host to many fortune 500 companies. In London, you won’t miss the chance to get into the right Marketing internship as many industries such as Fashion, art, and design, looking for young creative minds. The city also has the spectacular architecture to see and many fun places to visit. On top of that, why wouldn’t you want to live in London? Manchester, Liverpool and other exciting cities will give you a treat of a lifetime


Inspiring Interns

Indeed the UK

Availability: Summer Marketing Internships, Winter and All Year Round

Marketing internship in the USA:

For many European students visiting the USA is the dream, so make that dream come true! Northern America has some of the most rebus economies in the world where you can get employed by the world’s renowned companies, with excellent career experience. The United States and Canada are undoubtedly great destinations that would give you a substantial marketing internship experience and put you ahead in your peers. If you want to build a significant professional network and improve your English, then this is where you need to be. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado, etc. will make a right home for international students



Availability: Summer Marketing Internships, Winter and All Year Round

Marketing internship in India:

In India, you have the chance to discover its diverse culture along with the booming economy, which is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. There many paid marketing internship to choose from, not to mention the life in India is very affordable. You can visit the local shops and purchase a load full of items, as well as travel around to different areas of the countries that will leave you with a story to tell once you’re done.




Availability: Summer Marketing Internships, Winter and All Year Round

Marketing internship in Spain:

To combine interning with a holiday, Spain is the place-to-be. Spain has a very relaxed work ethic which will leave you with time to discover the small town cities or lay on the beach. You will see beautiful architecture that will leave you in awe, experience the vibrant culture in cities like Barcelona and visite amazing art galleries and museums. Whatever sector of Marketing you are in, you will surely get a life-changing experience.

Spain Internship


Go Overseas


Availability: Summer Marketing Internships, Winter and All Year Round

Marketing Internship in Italy

To get your foot in the door in Europe, Italy is where you need to start. Italy has connections throughout Europe, so you’ll be able to build an extensive professional network here. It is known for its relaxed culture and an excellent work-life balance, making it a unique opportunity to enjoy the vibrant city when you are not working. It’s a chance to learn the history, see the art and architecture of the country, plus get to learn a foreign language. There are many opportunities for marketing internship, especially in industries like fashion and design.

Internships Italy


IES consulting

Availability: Summer Marketing Internships, Winter and All Year Round

Marketing internship in Argentina

Argentina has various regions of impressive nature, so there will be enough for you to enjoy on your free days. The country itself is not too crowded compared to many other countries in the Americas. You won’t luck things to do, by the day you got to the city’s restaurants that will satisfy your appetite with delicious local cuisines, enjoyable music by night. If you were planning to do a Marketing internship, then prepare to get a fantastic experience and create valuable connections.


Go Overseas

Mente Argentina

Abroad Internships

Availability: Summer Marketing Internships, Winter and All Year Round

marketing internships Abroad - France Interns


Marketing Internship in France:

For a marketing internship, France is a great country to build an international network. Plus you will get the chance to learn French and see some of the most exquisite architecture like the Eifel tower or the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.

IES Consulting

Graduate Land

Go Overseas

Availability: Summer Marketing Internship Abroad, Winter and All Year Round

Gain Marketing Experience in South Africa:

South Africa offers a beautiful blend of African, European, and Asian culture. This country is unique and has some great business opportunities too. Besides, you won’t have to spend your entire internship duration in closed doors, but some time to go to National parks and view the wildlife, taste the varied cuisine and make a global connection.

Go Overseas



Availability: Summer Marketing Internship Abroad, Winter and All Year Round

Paid Marketing Internships located Abroad

The preparations for going abroad

If you’ve secured an international marketing internship, then it’s time to start preparing for the journey, and we’ve got some tips for you.

Depending on the country you’re going to, the country you’re from and the amount of time you’ll be there you might need a visa. Make sure to check this, and if you do need a visa, then you should start arranging this a couple of months before the start of your internship. You’ll need to get the paperwork done with your future employer, so make sure to contact them about this.

The next thing you need to arrange is your flight, also make sure to book this well in advance so that you won’t be struggling last-minute to find a trip. On top of this, it will probably save you some money if you get it done now.

You’ll also need a place to stay during the paid marketing internship. You could ask your employer for help on this part, they have probably had interns before and know where to get suitable accommodation.

Proper insurance is something that could easily slip your mind, but it’s essential to have this. If anything would happen to you or your possessions during the internship, then proper insurance will save you. So check out your options and perhaps pay a little more to be covered well.

If you’re interning in a country where the culture is wildly different, then make sure to educate yourself ahead of time. Learn about the food, their cultural customs, and how space various places are. It’s possible that in your country it’s not safe for women to be alone on the street at night, so make sure you aware of this.


Companies recruiting for Paid Marketing Internships Abroad

Below you’ll find a list of some companies that hire interns for paid marketing internships so you can get some inspiration.

  • McKinsey
  • BCG
  • Amazon
  • HUL
  • Nestle
  • Coca-cola
  • PepsiCo
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Disney Internships Summer
  • Google Internships Summer

But also, don’t forget to check-out start-ups and other entrepreneurial internships. They present good exposure since you will have the chance to work on real projects. The possibilities are that you might not get in one of these more prominent companies.


Differentiate yourself with an internship abroad

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