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PR & Strategic Marketing Intern – Chamber of Commerce

Public Relations

An opportunity to work closely with local enterprises, deal with representatives from consulates, Chinese government and local & international institutions in the events organization. With this position the applicant will develop public relations skills working in a multi-cultural and dynamic environment.

Job Description

  1. Event organization and management (e.g. Seminar, Latin Festival and member dinner)
  2. Work closely with Communication Department in Newsletter editing
  3. Chamber Magazine & Directory making
  4. Sponsorship promotion
  5. Attracting new members
  6. Other liaison work
  7. Working hour: 9:30—18:30


Job requirement

  1. Working proficiency in English.
  2. Well organized.
  3. Communication and negotiation skills.
  4. Majors of public relations, marketing related are preferred.
  5. Knowing Spanish is a plus.



In the internship, the applicant will have:

  1. An internship certificate.
  2. Subsidy (lunch).
  3. International working experience.
  4. Recommendation letter with the Director’s signature (for interns with outstanding performance only).

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PR & Strategic Marketing Intern – Chamber of Commerce

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