Internship Prices

Our Affordable Internship in China Programs including Summer, Business, and Gap Year all have the same price in exception to High School Internships. Though we have the prices arranged in packages, you are allowed to totally customize the components to your budget. Apply and speak with our Program Consultants about how to customize your program. Looking for Language Program Prices?


CIP Program is a comprehensive career development program designed to complement theory and classroom exposure. We combine Mentoring and Career Coaching with internships (experience) which is an ideal combination relevant to current demands in the Job market. Days of confusion about career choices are long gone! be part of our unique programs tailored to your strength.

We believe that if it must be done, it must be done well! (Love + Integrity)

Compare Packages & Customize it

Standard +$3200
Career oriented participants interested in a slim package. This package does NOT include Accommodation and some essentials. Usually designed to fit budgets and for foreigners who already know China
Get it all from self-discovery, experience enhancement, career development to understanding Business in China. Get Mentored by Senior Career Coaches who work in the silicon Valley and Wall Street
All components of Standard plus Job search services. This premium Package includes travel itinerary to different Cities and Provinces and access to VIP Support
Premium components and Career Solutions

These are very unique services to CIP’s program, well researched and carefully delivered and you will get these only on our platform. Discover and customize your own career strategy with the supervision of recruiters from wall street and silicon valley. Get ahead of your peers as it is implemented to help you win!




Job Mentoring Not included Included Included
Career Coaching Not included Included Included
Personal Branding Not included Included Included
Entrepreneurship Not included Included Included
Performance Review Included Included Included
Personality assessment and Advice Not included Included Included
Exit orientation for professional reflection on next career steps Not included Included Included
Experience Enhancement and Cultural Immersion

Gain the experience needed to boost your resume! You will work with Multinational organizations in a sector of your Choice. This is customized per applicant so as to ensure a fulfilling exposure. Remember one size does not fit all.

Guaranteed Internship Placement Included Included Included
CV/ Resume Review Included Included Included
Initial orientation and Preparation Included Included Included
Personal Program Coordinator Included Included Included
Interview preparations Included Included Included
Chinese Language Lessons (3 to 4 Private online classes per week) ** Included Included
Pre-Departure Support

Before you arrive in China, we make sure you have all the necessary documentations needed to ensure a smooth settlement in China.

Visa Documentation and Support Included Included Included
Pre-arrival briefing Included Included Included
Survival Chinese Podcasts Included Included Included
On the Ground, Arrival Safety and Support

Our Insurance package covers up to $100,000.00 Health expenses and emergency evacuation. From arrival at the airport to departure, we are always set on the ground to make sure it all works out. CIP deals with the hustle of providing these support components so our interns can concentrate on the experience. We have an eye for detail coupled with our experience, you are in safe hands.

Accommodation Not included Included Included
Health Insurance and Emergency Evacuation (up to $100,000) Not included Included Included
Local support staff and a 24/7 emergency contact Not included Included Included
Networking Events with Business Community Not included Included Included
Group social and Immersion Activities Not included Included Included
Internship monitoring and site visit Not included Included Included
Public transportation card loaded with first-week travel funds Not included Included Included
Mobile Phone and Sim Card Not included Included Included
City Map Not included Included Included
Airport Pick-up Not included Included Included
Welcome orientation upon arrival Not included Included Included
Free Volunteering Opportunities Included Included Included
Need some gigs for extra cash? Included Included Included
Premium Only

Ensuring 360 job oriented solutions during and after the internship.

China Travel and Tour – Well designed itinerary to major cities Not included Not included Included
CV translation into Chinese Not included Not included Included
Job Search Assistance and CV distribution Not included Not included Included
Post Internship Services

Joining our internship indicates the start to a relationship you will benefit from for the rest of your life. We provide post-program supports intended to keep you on the professional path

Airport Drop Off Included Included
Access to Alumni Network Included Included Included
Trophy, Certificate and Reference Materials ** Included Included
Online Testimonial and Profile Creation Included Included Included
Webinar and Online Support Included Included Included
Want to set up a Company in China? We can help with information Included Included Included

Smart Cost Saving Strategy. Live with a Chinese Host Family

Save 15% - 30%! and Earn Salary for Living with A Chinese Family

Save between 15 to 30% on your program fee living with a Family in China. You will gain cultural immersion and an opportunity to earn extra income from the family. Surprised? You will be paid. Program participants who live with Chinese families will be provided 2x meals per day and a private bedroom. Our host families are properly Selected and open minded to embrace another culture. You may end up leaving with a Powerful Chinese Government official with so much connection.


Our program prices vary with duration and component.




2 Months  $2200 $4990 Pick a standard package and top up with $3,200
3 Months  $2500 $6350
4 Months  $2900 $7680
5 Months  $3500 $8699
6 Months  $4200 $9890
7-12 Months

Inquire now! comes with flexible payment terms.

Available Available Available

If you have spoken with your dedicated Program Consultant and wish to proceed with the program, kindly click on the Icons to the right to Pay your program processing fee of $250

What makes these packages unique?

The component of a study Abroad or internship programs are tied to the success and benefits of participants. You may not have the opportunity to repeat an internship Abroad so it’s important you get the best for the very first time. Do not COMPROMISE QUALITY! CIP’s program components are comprehensive.

  • You need to be mentored and coached by experienced executives who understand your industry. We have also included Mentoring and Career coaching which is executed by Career experts who spent their life recruiting talents for companies on the wall street and silicon valley.
  • Personalised Career Solutions: You are unique so is your career! At CIP we provide one-on-one career solutions in addition to the internship. Your personal Career Coach will spend the time to understand your career ambitions and then help you design career goals that work. We do not put all interns into a single career seminar lecturing them on career tips they can easily find on the internet. Career tips given you are what will work for you based on your dreams.
  • We adopt the Portfolio Approach to Experience enhancement:  We help you put together job application portfolios and journals which are very important for your breakthrough into the Job market. You find this only on the CIP Platform
  • Get Connected with Chinese Employers: As an intern in China through CIP,  we connect you to the Asian business community, through networking and Business Seminars
  • Your safety is our Concern: We also have added insurance to the package. You don’t need to spend extra buying travel insurance for hefty sums of money. Once you signup for our full package, you are covered for all Health Bills from a simple headache to fractured bones and repatriation of mortal remains. You are covered up to $100k. Need health care while on the program? you are just a phone call away from the doctor.
  • There are after-program- support services. We do not just say goodbye to you after the internship is ended. We continue to support you every step of the way till you get a Job in an area of your Choice. You will join our vibrant alumni group to get Job updates, and free webinars to prepare you for changes in Job markets

Can I further Customize the Package?

Are you budget constrained? Can you secure some of the services all by yourself? Do you think some of the services can be taken out? Though we encourage our interns to pick full package in order to maximize the CIP Experience, we also admit that there may be instances where cost could be a major deterrent.  We, therefore, allow that you customize the package to your expectation and budget. Apply now and lets get talking about customizing the package to your expectation

When do I make the program fee payment?

There is a program processing fee of $250 that, must be paid before the placement begins. We allow that you pay the program fee after the placement is completed and you have spoken with the companies as by that time you may know what to expect. Fees that are more than $12k, could be split into payment plans.

What are the payment options?

We allow the following payment methods:-

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer

What are your refund policies?

We refund the processing fee if we cannot find you a company but this is our guarantee statement. We 90% of the times could fix all internships but if not, we refund your processing fee back. After the program starts, we do not issue refund but under special circumstances, we may consider case by case

Can I get a scholarship or discount?

We run Scholarships schemes for 5 applicants every year. Keep an eye on our Scholarship page for the next announcement