Mentoring And Coaching: Most Important Element

The essence of an internship is to gain relevant experiences in order to get Competitive in the Job market it could be tough to figure out even with an international experience. At CIP, we leave nothing to chance. Our Internship participants are allocated Personal coaches who will guide you through it all. CIP will always stand by

Why Get Mentored

You know that your career is a big factor in living a successful life. It provides an opportunity to inspire generations forever with your ability, personal development and a sense of belonging. If you get it right, BINGO! But if you miss it, it could be a major source of dissatisfaction for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, career path isn’t always clear.

A career coach’s on our program will guide you through some of the challenges, opportunities, or dilemmas along the way and provide a huge boost of professional confidence and insight. You may think that hiring one is just for those who are newly unemployed or those hitting roadblocks in a job search, but they can help you in many more scenarios than you might’ve considered.

Internship Abroad Pacesetters

We raised Service Delivery Standards Just for you

Acquire smart Career skills that 95% of your peers do not know yet. Quicken the Learning Curve and Own Your Career Development Process. 


Career Coaching Content: What to Expect

How to Create High Impact Resume
Mock Interviews, Reviews and Tactics
Personal Branding and Online Presence
Art of Networking and Leveraging Social Media
Salary Negotiation and Closing the deal
Job Search Strategy and Job Role Analysis
Linkedin Profile review  and Best Practices
Career Plan Review / Other Pressing issues 
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Who Will Mentor You?

Qualified Coaches

Our Coaches have at least 3 years of Experience providing career solutions for young graduates

Professional Accreditation

They have relevant accreditation from various Chattered Personnel Associations.

The Extra

Spent good time working with organizations in the Wall street and the Silicon Valley. They’ve got what it takes

The Process:

Every intern has resident mentor at place of work. The ensure there is a smooth transition and training. They act as advisers and best of all performance reviewers. We are able to tell when interns are not serious with their work. We employ very professional approach to matching interns to External Career Coaches. After the matching process is completed, the Coach will contact intern via email in order to arrange first meeting. Very critical issues are discussed and the modalities of the rest of the processes are established.


China internship has a well developed evaluation systems in place to ensure interns perform as required both during the internship and via the training segments. We dispatch evaluation forms to supervisors and the interns themselves. This is to help us match expectations and make changes along the way to maximize participant exposure throughout the entire program

Initial Review

This evaluation initiates the beginning of the training where the coach conducts personality test and examine your career goals. It lasts for 60 minutes

Final Assessment

At this stage, all Mentees have gone through the relevant areas of training and the Coach will issue reports on what the next steps should be for career development

More Added Services

Whats More?

So now, you have gained experience through an Internship in China and also been Mentored and Coached. Your Stay in China is not complete without an Entrepreneurial Training. CIP Organizes these seminars at least twice every year. The purpose is to equip you with entrepreneurial skills which provides another opportunity to secure a career that you like.


Entrepreneurial Training

To add value to our participants, we assemble a very solid and competent team of entrepreneurs. These individuals have made it in China bringing up their own businesses. We also draw a lot of our trainers from China Accelerators; the largest business incubating business in China located in Beijing and Shanghai.

These training are organized and topics treated are:


Launching your career in China


Doing business in China: the intricacies


Policy Changes and impact on new businesses

 Cultural impact on business

 How to get funding in China


Rising industries in China and viable business opportunities


 Others: How to locate Chinese business Partners, The art of networking, Finance and Management Science for entrepreneurs, Including all best practices for international entrepreneurs



You may also read more about our networking program component which is also very vital avenues for meeting Business Executives, expats and other meaningful exposure.