NGO’s and Charity Internships

If you have been keenly following the development of social issues in China, you will have noticed that the Government’s priority is shifting towards equity and rights. Since opening up to the world and signing United Nation Chatters and other MOUs, China has resolved to seek the welfare of its people. Included in this agenda are Human rights issues relating to Gender Advocacy, Equity and Fairness in distribution of national cake.

Unlike before China’s opening up to the world, the government has also currently relaxed so much the regulations of Not-for-Profit organizations such as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) as well as other advocacy groups. This gave the green light to a lot of foreign organizations to enter as well as opportunity for local ones to keep springing.

For NGO internships in China, our interns are placed to work on the following

  1. NGO Administration
  2. Community Project Management
  3. Impact Assessment Officers
  4. Orphanage Administrators
  5. Gender and Women Advocacy
  6. Child Care
  7. Migrant School Administration/Teaching
  8. Caring for Old aged

Our Environmental Management and Conservation Internship Program

Development comes at a cost and surely we those living and enjoying the benefits of rapid economic growth must come out with ideas to save the environment. China has been a victim of severe pollution and environmental degradation over the years. As a result, the Green Energy Foundation was formed to partner various organizations to lessen the effect of this kanker.

This has also created the desire to hire experts who are willing to contribute to social goals. CIP Provides Environmental Internships for students with relevant study experience with very interesting organizations. China Internship Placements LLC currently works with many organizations within this sector including very prominent organizations such as the UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO, Green and Carbon Foundation


UNDP promotes sustainable human development to help build resilient nations and to empower people to build better lives. As the UN’s development network, UNDP draws on worldwide experience to assist China both in developing solutions to its own ongoing development challenges, and in its South-South cooperation and engagement in global development.

Projects that our Interns have worked on in the past

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