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International Business Internship in China

China Internship Placements arrange International Trade Internships in China for participants looking to understand how trade is carried out between Chinese companies and their counterparts abroad.  Our marketing International trade Internship program in China is available in port cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing. These cities have a properly developed infrastructure around to illicit quicker trade.  Our China Internship programs are located in these cities.

After China’s ascension into the World Trade Organization in 2001 the figures indicate constant growth in GDP. Haven produced the highest quantity of the world’s manufactures goods, organizations in China look to international shores for market penetration strategies which are relevant to increasing their revenues. China’s trade figures stood at $3.82 trillion in 2013 surpassing the US as the number one trading economy.This is reflected in the busy nature of Chinese ports and harbors. Shanghai is the world’s busiest port city in the world since 2000. Shenzhen follows Shanghai in that regard followed by Guangzhou.

Due to this, several organizations have evolved acting as agencies in assisting trade. Many of these companies could act as trade representatives of distribution outlets outside china.

  • Good knowledge about theories of marketing
  • Must have studied Marketing or related disciplines
  • Must have completed the second year before program starts
  • Must have some research skills
  • To promote, among participating students, a better understanding of trade-promotion issues at the international level.
  • To offer interns an opportunity to develop their personal competencies working in an international environment.
  • To provide Our Host Company Team with the assistance and enthusiasm of outstanding young students studying in a relevant technical field (for example economics, trade promotion, and development, project management, law, human resources).

The International Trade intern should expect a fast-paced, dynamic and challenging work experience by learning first-hand the involvement of a Chinese trade association or organization in the public policymaking process. The international trade intern’s main responsibility is to assist in technical efforts to expand and maintain exports by completing research on domestic and international policies and regulations related to trade. The intern will be exposed to the development and execution of  trade policies. The intern’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: researching pork export/import data; attending Congressional hearings and events to learn about international trade opportunities; and keeping up-to-date on international trade and agricultural topics by sending daily news clips.

  • Conducting market research for clients
  • Coordinating trade events
  • Generating written reports and email materials
  • Observing client counseling sessions
  • Light clerical and administrative support duties
  • High profile events such as Governor international trade missions
  • Work on Export Initiative programs
  • Collaboration with trade development partners
  • Export documentation
  • Marketing communications, including editing, writing, web content development
  • Company research & trade statistics
  • Client projects
  • Quality control

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I.T Asset Mgt Analyst Internship

I.T Asset Management Analyst – Internship in China Big Data What is Big ...
2 - 12 months 0 Lessons
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Actuarial Analyst Internship

Internship Programs in China: Actuarial Analyst Intern Position   Actuarial Analyst Intern Position ...
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CIP’s Finance Internship in China is hosted in a variety of locations and cities across China.  Come study Chinese in some of the most culturally aware cities in China, combine fun and experience.

Study in Beijing

Beijing Internship – 北京

Our International Trade internship is hosted in beautiful cities such as Beijing. It is a great opportunity to combine an internship with the Chinese language. Business internship in Beijing is a hot program

Study in Shanghai

Shanghai Internship- 上海

CIP’s International Business internship in Shanghai places participants into multinational companies with lots of career prospects. Customize your experience in China’s financial center. Inquire now!

Study in Beijing

Guangzhou – 广州

These International Trade internships in China program is always ahead of the industry in terms of benefits. Apply now for our Guangzhou internship program !

Study in Shenzhen

Shenzhen – 深圳

International Trade Internship in Shenzhen could be an eye opener to the development of China in perspective. Secure an international experience with an internship abroad all year round 2, to 12 months

Study in Nanjing

Hangzhou,   杭州

Coming Soon! Our Hangzhou Internship is designed to give participants first-hand experience into a tech city with lots of opportunities for startups and business

Study in Beijing

Chengdu – 成都

Chengdu Internship is one of our latest programs. The city has lots of opportunities to offer College Students on an International internship mission. Inquire Now!

Study in Beijing

Qingdao – 青岛

Qingdao is one of the destinations for our China Internship and happens to be a heavy industrial center. Participants will combine internship and language

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