Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Internships

Get the opportunity to prove you’ve got it takes by joining our Healthcare and allied health internships in China where it matters most. Our program places interns into Hospitals for job shadowing a doctor or learn about the details of administering or prescribing drugs. Some participants in the past also took their internships in Pharmaceutical industry and learnt about the production of medicines and medical instruments and how they are marketed across the world.

The health industry in China has been growing over the years. The $357 billion industry offers numerous opportunities and Health-care companies have enjoyed China’s robust market since the boom in the last decade probably due to the health sector reform policies pushed by the government. This growth phenomenon got noticed after the opening up policy of China came to light. With favourable manufacturing conditions, most medicine manufacturing concerns also shifted their production houses to China. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical internships give our participants the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge about healthcare systems in china and tap on the opportunities left redundant especially marketing and international trade relating to the sector. Participants are also given extra real experience regarding the study administering of Chinese medicines through job shadow systems.

Due to the one-child policy, China has a huge ageing population over the past few years and this is worsening day in day out. These warrants demand for quality health care in the industry but with the current welfare system, only government workers are cared for. This is one of the greatest opportunities in the system.

Solid industry players are Bayer Healthcare China, GE Group, Pfizer


  • There are several untapped opportunities in the industry such as Solution to health care for the aged, Prenatal and Postnatal care
  • Learn about the integration of Western and Chinese medicines and their applications
  • Opportunity to shadow doctor
  • Learn about how 3G technology could be used to generate Chinese medicines
  • Learn about marketing pharmaceutical products
  • Opportunity to intern in a drug manufacturing factory