Internship in China – Various Cities

China Internship Placements (CIP) offers Internship Placements across diverse locations in China, strategically chosen for the qualities they offer that might best impact the International Experience of our participants!  There exist fascinating city options like, Beijing, being the head of China’s political seat; Shanghai the cosmopolitan & financial hub of mainland China; and Guangzhou, which offers diverse International Trade opportunities for Interns who are looking at that field for their focus. The others are Shenzhen and Chengdu – which are also good options.

Internship Locations - Shanghai

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Due to the fact that we serve participants from diverse backgrounds with different expectations, our Internship in China Program is made available in various forms of combination and location.  We also ensure that all major programs are available in all our selected first-tier Chinese cities so that clients can make program switch and/or combinations without stress

Beijing Internship

Internship Programs in Beijing

Beijing happens to be the head-office of China Internship Placements (CIP) and also plays an additional role of coordinating internship placements.

Shanghai Internship

Shanghai is one of the important cities of China with potentials of being converted into Mainland’s financial sector. China Internship Placements has a corporate office located with a coordinating

Internship in Shenzhen

Internship in Shenzhen

Our Shenzhen office opened in order to handle issues relating to placements into Partner organizations in the area.  It also handles accommodation

Internship in Tianjin

Internship in Tianjin

China Internship Placement has a dedicated office in Tianjin supporting our interns.  The demand for Tianjin internships has skyrocketed recently due to the massive opportunities there.

Internship in Guangzhou

China Internship Placement has a dedicated office in Guangzhou as well. It is one of our newly established offices opened due to the Increasing demand for Internships in the area.

Internship in Qingdao

Internships in Qingdao

China Internship Placement has a dedicated office in Qingdao as well.  It is one of our newly established offices, opened due to the increasing demand for Internships in the area.