China Summer Internship

China Summer Internships

China Internship Placements’ (CIP) Affordable Summer Internship Program presents an opportunity to revamp and enhance your experiences while learning Chinese language and getting deeply immersed into the local culture. It is a combination of our China professional Internship program, Chinese Language study and other China Immersion Programs. This program brings handy industrial experiences and networks participants to Chinese business community as well as influential individuals for future career opportunities. Participants will study in the largest economy in the world with booming industrial sectors with a voracious demand for skilled labor.

Summer Programs in China

Are you looking to get diverse and culturally aware? Are you adaptable, well-rounded and strategic problem solver? Are you looking to make the best out of the summer? If the you are looking to achieve the following, then Welcome!!

During this program, participants will learn about business Chinese financial system & corporate structure, fiscal policies and Chinese regulatory policies, workplace ethics, and know about the-Chinese-boss.

This Summer, CIP is presenting a Dining Session with Senior Executives from our partner companies and it is a golden opportunity to learn more about launching your career in China. They will tell you what to do in order to get a leg into their organization.
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A Summer Internship with CIP will give you opportunity to:

  • Be placed into a multinational Organization of your choice in China
  • Define your Chinese Networks while working and laying a foundation for the future. Take advantage of our networking activities organized weekends to meet industry experts, expats and many more knowledgeable individuals from the business community.
  • Widen your multicultural skills by working in an internationally charged business environment. Using fortune 500 resources to deliver on your work schedules.
  • Master valuable Chinese speaking skills —reading, writing, and listening.
  • Stay in most exciting cities in China that present daily opportunities to get immersed in Chinese Culture, network and launch your career.
  • Opportunity to be mentored and guided on how to excel as a business executive
  • Our cultural trips and activities enlighten participants about Chinese Culture. Trips are organized to famous places like the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Pudong Street, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Longhua Park and many more.
  • Get the opportunity to join our CIP Opportunity Network which is made up of CIP Alumni and our Career Advisors. This network is connected to our resources updating job opportunities all around the world and assist members in achieving their Entrepreneurial ambitions
  • An opportunity to win a free trip ticket to any other city

China Summer Internship

Cultural activities and field trips

At CIP, we take seriously the immersion aspect of our China Summer Internship and Summer Study Programs. Participants take field trips and cultural activities as part of getting to know China. Trips are organized to historical sites in Beijing, shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Participants will visit places like the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Pudong Street, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Longhua Park and many more. Our cultural Activities include Kungfu Classes, Yoga, and Tai chi class, Mountain climbing, bungee jumping, Chinese cuisine lessons, calligraphy, paper cutting, Karaoke Nights. Check our Cultural Activities and trip page for more. 

Immersion and language partners

Immersion has been deliberately built into all our China Study and Internship Programs be it mainstream, summer or winter programs. Staying with a host family has a very gig advantage for quicker immersion and an opportunity to practice the Chinese language on a daily basis given very natural situations and not just learning in abstract.
China Internship Placements make available language partners to all who want extra opportunities to practice Chinese language and establish networks in China. 


In order to keep our participants safe and lodged in peace so they could enjoy the program, China internship Placements have put in place standards that guide the selection of accommodation options. Below are some examples of accommodations that we have. More information and vivid descriptions are on our accommodation page.

Host Family Arrangement 

Our host family partners accept participants from Summer Internship Program. No matter which city you choose, CIP has a wealthy and hospitable Chinese Host family waiting to serve you. They lead our immersion process; they are open-minded and are willing to also learn new culture and values. They also sometimes wish to be taught some Chinese language and pay participants for it. It comes with a private bedroom, but participants may share the living area with the host family.

Shared apartment

There are arrangements for youth hostels and shared apartments. I these facility is a two bedroom allocated to Chinese and other for our participant or all occupants are our program participants. There is utmost privacy and we encourage our clients to make changes when they realize that their roommates do not adhere to the rules. 

Private apartment

This accommodation option is also available to be arranged for participants but comes at an extra cost. It is a preferred option for participants who do not want to share an apartment with others. These facilities are located as close as possible to their place of work. It overlooks very luxurious public sites and are located high above the city which creates a beautiful panoramic view at night.
HOTEL SUITS could also be selected at the participants’ discretion.
Dormitories are also available upon request


Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to society to gain an inner satisfaction. China Internship placements have a well structured Volunteering program which comes with very goof projects. In summer, part of their projects is allocated to Our Summer Internship Participants in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. We liaise with local NGOs, Community Based Organizations, and other relevant institutions to arrange meaningful and satisfying opportunities. Our volunteering projects might include organizing a weekend English lessons at the school of the blind, organizing a visit to autism institute and also other schools for disabled Children, teaching English at migrant schools over weekends.



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