Business Seminar &Networking

Networking events

Since 2007, China Internship placements organize China Business Seminar Series to equip our internship participants with recent and hot issues in Chinese economy and how they impact the rest of the world.

We’re committed to engaging Young graduates all over the world not only for the experience but meaningful experience backed by ability to discuss global issues and monitor trends. These skill sets are necessary and are tested by Multinational organizations as it is necessary for their operations.

Our Business Lecture Series also equip participants with entrepreneurial skills, how to start up businesses in china and its regulations associated with it. It provides and international platform where participants debate real international problems and suggest solutions. Reports of these seminars are published on our blog and circulated across all other media.

These events get covered by reputable local and international media. This presents a global platform for tolerance and debate of issues based on data and facts. We train participants to feel comfortable with discussing international issues this boosts their confidence.

Meet top notch and seasoned expats who have started and made it to the top as they present their cases and lessons that they learnt.

China Internship Placements partner with reputable business incubating houses to train our participants on how to nurture their dreams and aspirations into reality, what to look out for when selecting partners and how to secure interests while dealing with others in the virtual world

We present topics such as

  • Chinese business Model
  • Chinese Market Entry Strategies
  • Chinese Financial Systems and regulation policies
  • Investment Policy regulation and atmosphere
  • Chinese Trade partners
  • Overview of Chinese Economy
  • Grooming and Time Management
  • Personal marketing and branding
  • Doing Business In China
  • Entrepreneurship in China
  • Selling your Business ideas
  • What to consider when forming partnerships in China



There is always a wonderful side of china that leaves visitors shocked but there is no need to it is global development in diversity. Social Network is central to conducting business in The Peoples’ Republic of China. Coming from a communist background, Chinese believe that their success is relevant to society and that everyone must contribute to it. Within a highly segregated society where access to factors of production is purely worked through whom you know, Social networking is critical.

We at CIP do not joke with our networking skills because that has been our solid rock to getting very good host internship companies.

We collaborate with professional event organizers who organize networking events drawing big time Chinese business men and expats to organize our networking events. Whichever city is chosen we deliver this service with all seriousness.

There are several occasions that participants could take advantage of events of this sort. The art of networking is a skill that is taught and nurtured because impressions must be made within minutes of contact and the process of impression must not be too pushy but the deal must be sealed within minutes. Chinese have a culture of modesty so boasting is out of the game. This is a dilemma but China Internship Placements knows it better.

Some possible events to attend are:

  • Chamber of Commerce Events (American, British, Swiss, French & German Chambers of Commerce)
  • Expert Meetups in various sectors
  • Career Fairs in China for participants looking to launch their career in China