Program Components

Program Components

CIP’s Study and International Internships in China Programs presents bright opportunities for Young graduates to acquire skills relevant for development and future prospects. Just as our philosophy and approach states, it is better for us to shut down than to remain in business incurring our clients’ displeasure.

We have worked so hard using research and development to bring together all our comprehensive programs having our clients in mind. Our programs are updated after every 8 months with new contents and policies.

Our full-service packages have been differentiated from others with extra robust risk reduction measures installed in every single program. This means safety. CIP programs have also been designed for support, comfort, excitement, experience enhancing and complete transformation guaranteeing maximum satisfaction. After arriving and completing the internship program, it does not end there we provide lifelong support through our CIP Opportunity Network which means your money never finishes.

We support you from the time you bounce to our website and stick around till you are able to make a good decision and get transformed. It is a whole life relationship and we are ready to make it happen.

We have the right Staff size to deal with all that we have listed as service components. We have on the field 24/7 staff support, insurance, mentoring program, career seminar on personal branding and to mention but few.

OUR PROMISE: From your internship or study application through to arrival and afterward, we stand by with all our professional standards and resources to deliver quality
Nothing Less!!!

Guaranteed Internship Placement

China Internship Placement Process

Our China Internship Program places applicants into multinational organizations in China. CIP’s professional Intern and study programs in China is an integral component of our mainstream

Mentoring and Coaching

Chinese Language Program

Aside your guaranteed Placement, CIP offers you a deep mentoring program to fast track your International Career. Our coaching scheme is adminsitered by Industry experts

Standard Accommodation

CIP Accommodation

China Internship Placements fixes accommodations to enhance participants’ experience. There are interesting accommodation options to select from. They come with a clean, modern

Chinese Lessons: For Internships

Intensive Chinese Language

s part of consolidating the immersion of our Internship Program participants, CIP provides a professionally structured Chinese Language Study. These programs are administered in collaboration with

Language Pack: Mandarin Programs

Chinese Language Program

CIP’s Language Program comes with very special components intended to add more intensity to the language and speed the process of immersion and language proficiency.

Visa Documentation

Visa Documentation

All study and internship program participants get visa consultation at no extra fee. At China Internship Placements, we know how hectic study abroad and international internship missions could get when it comes to visa issues and we’ve got it covered

Business Seminar & Networking

Business Seminar

China Internship organizes China Business Seminar Series to equip our internship participants with recent issues and career related.

Immersion Activities

Immersion Activities

Immersion is an essential part of our programs we have therefore designed an opportunity for participants to appreciate China through their own lenses not as it is…

Health, Insurance and Safety

Insurance and Safety

China Internship Placements provides the safest Internship and study Abroad programs in China. As part of our hallmark we conduct independent survey…

China Study & Intern Packages

Internship Packages

China Internship Placements provides the safest Internship and study Abroad programs in China. As part of our hallmark, we conduct independent survey and analysis of our programs to identify inherent…

Additional Services

All Other services

On the promise of delivering valuable contents worth the value of money, our participants could add the following programs to their contents at no extra cost. Although it will cost us resources to arrange this…