Best Cities to Learn Chinese in China

Our Chinese Language Programs are hosted in various locations and typically are the best Cities to learn Chinese in China.  Come study Chinese in some of the most culturally aware cities in China.  Each of these locations have a unique flavor of experience for participants.   Some cities are ideal for those who are fascinated by culture and history while others best suit those who desire to come face to face with Modernization.

Our able Mandarin Program Coordinators are always available to help applicants select the right and most suitable locations with a perfect combination of program components.  There are participants who want to experience all, and we have mechanisms to assist them achieve this.  We either get them to study in these various cities or Travel for sightseeing in one while learning the Chinese Language in another. When you study Chinese language with China Internship Placements, you also get extra opportunity to intern, volunteer, travel and experience China from an angle that is very unique. Participants get more on our platform with the relevant packages and services. A single trip to China will present you several opportunities.

Study Standard Chinese Language (mandarin) in the following cities:
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Study Chinese in Beijing

Best Cities to learn Chinese in China - Beijing City Picture

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language also known as Mandarin.

Study Chinese in Nanjing

Learn Chinese Language in Nanjing University

Our Study Abroad in Nanjing Program combines structured intensive Chinese lessons of University standard with Internship programs.  Immersion…

Study Chinese in Shanghai

Study Mandarin in Shanghai - Best Cities to learn Chinese

CIP’s Study Abroad program in Shanghai sharpens participants’ Mandarin language skills, while held in one of the most dynamic, fast-paced developing cities in the world.  Be part of something special…

Study Chinese in Shenzhen

Learn Chinese in Shenzhen

Our Study Abroad in Shenzhen Program is designed to equip participants with the quickest and surest way to master the Chinese language through the combination…