Guide to settling Easily in China

Airlines we recommend to our participants have indicated that most young graduates and students looking to Study abroad or pursue an international Internship Program pay unnecessary extra baggage fees. Part of the reason is little knowledge of life in the City of Choice. This is an Ultimate guide for Internship in China and Study Abroad Participants to settle quickly without stress. So gradually, your arrival in China is close or you are considering a summer internship in China or even learning Chinese in China don’t panic shopping only in China will save you so much money. This day and age of e-commerce, online shopping is growing rapidly worldwide, a growing number of consumers and organizations prefer to enjoy a great variety of products, benefits of low price and fast delivery. Buying products made in China online is a wise choice. There are various online shopping websites in China (English Shopping Platforms) that deal with variety of products and some stores deal in different categories of  items like phones, electronics, shoes, clothes, tools, etc. Here is a list of popular and trusted online shopping websites in China. The sites are in English language and some also offered in other languages. If it happens you are in China during 11th of December (singles Day in China) you can literally replace your closet with less that $100. I am a culprit to waiting till this date to shop 🙂 that does not make me a “cheap skin” but a wise shopper.


Taobao is known to be the most popular online shopping store in China, with nearly 600 million registered users and more than 130 million active users a day. It provides a platform for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. It provides a great variety of goods at affordable prices. We have lots if China Internship Participants shop after a week of arrival and we are surprised but that’s how easy it is to shop in China. Buyers are recommended to check stores’ costumer’s satisfaction rates and comments before making your final buying decision. Want to buy a dress, shoes etc? Shop on Taobao, Want to get presents? Shop in Taobao. Want a boyfriend or girlfriend? Rent in Taobao. In China, there is nothing you cannot get on Taobao, only things you cannot imagine, once you can imagine it, you will get it! This platform allows that you connect your bank account and also other social apps in order to pay for your purchases. Do you know they are listed on the NYSE? check them out.

 Tmall.jpg is a business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping mall which belongs to Alibaba group. It features many international and local brands. They provide one-stop online shopping solutions like 100% quality assurance of products,  a no reason to return service in 7 days, as well as shopping credits and other services between businesses and consumers. On single’s day, 11.11 2015 Tmall sold 91.2 billion Yuan (around 14 billion US dollars) for a day. Our learn Chinese in China program also has lessons on how to shop on these E-commerce platforms and you will be taught to shop in Chinese language though there are opportunities to do so in English. This also improves your Chinese immersion and  profficiency.


 Juhuasuan is a famous group shopping website in China which was launched by and became a separate business in October 2011. This site offers sales on products that are available only for a certain period of time. To buy at the discounted price, buyers must purchase the item within that defined time. It is in your interest to always keep an eye on these shops in order to secure a good deal. Next time you are visiting China to study Mandarin or Intern, speak with our friendly customer service support team and they will sort all out for you!

 JD.jpg is the largest direct sales online store in China, which is also has B2C share in online shopping field. It is a professional huge online shopping mall, selling thousands of super-brand, more than 40 million kinds of goods, covering home appliances, mobile phones, computers, baby clothing, books and other categories. It provides consumers very fast product delivery service. It also has an English version Adding these tips reduces your

 Suning.jpg is the leader electrical store in China which is owned by one the largest electrical appliance retailers in China. It provides 3C appliances, consumer electronics category, department stores, daily necessities, etc. it also has more than 1,600 physical stores offline distributed in the big cities. So you are planning to buy some gifts back home to those who assisted you finance your internship in China. Aside buying them local Chinese artifacts, there are very interesting portable electronic inventions you can take home and this platform is ideal


Gome  was established in January 1, 1987, and it belongs to China’s second-largest home appliances and electronics retailer. Similar to Suning, Gome pioneered the “B2C + store” integration of online to offline e-commerce business model. It is the top 5 3C online shopping website in China. Its commodity scope covers the traditional large appliances, 3C Digital, food, clothing and other categories.

 VIPstore.jpg is a B2C online shopping store mainly focuses on brand discount promotion, with affordable prices. It gathers thousands of line and second-tier brands which include clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, luxuries, travel and other categories. Consumers enjoy secure trading environment and service platform with low-cost, high-quality products, perfect shopping experience across time and space. Once you arrive, CIP’s Client service team will assist you with a bank account which could be connected for instant purchases.

 Amazon.jpg is a Chinese shopping website owned by I guess thats what you use for shopping in your country so you are very savvy with using it. Amazon makes the world’s leading online retail expertise combined with Joy to further enhance the customer experience in China. Amazon China offers millions of unique new, refurbished and used items in categories such as books, movies, music, and games, digital downloads, electronics and computers, home and garden, toys, infant supplies, food, clothing, shoes and jewelry, health and personal care, sports and outdoor goods, toys, automotive and industrial products.  All you need is to submit your China residential address which you either found yourself (Guide on how to secure your apartment) or one secured for you by China Internship Placement


A Wal-Mart is an online supermarket which is a B2C store. It is the largest food online shopping website in China. Its sale SKU reached 3.4 million kinds, covering food and drink, fresh, imported food, beauty care, apparel footwear, kitchen cleaning supplies, baby products, digital mobile phones, home appliances, home appliances, health care equipment, computer office, bags jewelry watches, outdoor sports, gifts, and other 14 categories.

 Vancl-logo.jpg site offers trendy casual clothes and stylish formal attire with good quality and reasonable prices. It mainly specializes in a variety of men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.


The are minimal risks associated with shopping online as you can return faulty goods and request refund all you lose is your penny on paying Currier services. You may also request a replacement. 

It is also very important that you compare prices for similar brands across platforms and you may identify an arbitrage which usually is significant. It may sound like a lot of work but people like me with busy schedules, I do so while in subways or waiting to pick you from the airport conveniently on my mobile phone.

So this exhausts my list of most popular e-commerce platforms in China irrespective of whether you join our INternship in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen or other cities, these tips still hold. The fact that these are cheap and affordable sources of shopping does not mean the traditional brick and mortar malls do not provide opportunities to Shopping in China. The Shopping malls in order to remain competitive declare “sales”. This is a time period which shops reduce the prices of their commodities for buyers, your jaw will drop at the level of discount.

China’s e-commerce far beyond these online shopping sites listed above; there are huge varieties of 3C, cosmetics, clothing, food, bookstore, tourism etc.  Which one impressed you the most? Please comment down below and give your views..






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