You might think you have all the time in the world to apply for an internship—there are still months left before your academic year ends, graduation, holiday, or when your current internship is completed.  However, interning at the company a few blocks away from your university and interning in China are two different situations. 

If you want to intern in China, then you should probably understand why it is becoming increasingly important to do so and also be prepared to speak with your parents – this resource will help you prepare to convince them. In order to get the best of value for money, then its important that you begin planning well in-advance. Not only is China not likely in your neighborhood, requiring travel plans and visa arrangements, but applying to intern at a good company, especially a Multinational Company of your choice, takes time and commitment.  How much in advance? Let’s take a look at the steps and then understand the effrot need, then we can both appreciate the time line.


Process to Obtaining an Internship in China

The Internship Placement process for china internship Program, is well detailed to ensure your expectations are properly channeled into the Internship arrangement


  1. 1.  Submit an Application
  2. 2. Schedule Video Interview(s) with a CIP Program Advisor and Placement Directors [1-2 weeks]
  3. 3. Receive Internship Offers after [4-5 weeks] There may be delays due to complex HR procedures.
  4. 4. Select and accept at least one offer or company [1-2 weeks]
  5. 5. Communicate with the HR department of chosen company, clarifying any questions and expectations [2 weeks]
  6. 6. Guaranteed official placement [2 weeks]
  7. 7. Receive generated visa documents [1 week]
  8. 8. Obtain visa from Chinese embassy [2 weeks]
  9. 9. Attend CIP’s Online Orientation via Skype
  10. 10. Arrive in China

Planning International Internship with firends



From this step-by-step breakdown, we can see that the entire process takes a minimum of three months, and a maximum of four months! Here’s a quick chart to give you an idea of when to begin:


Desired Internship Start Month When You Should Start the Process
September   —————————————————————- January to May (Same Year)
January  ———————————————————————- September (previous Year)
Summer – June 2017 ——————————————————- January (Same Year)
September (industrial Placements- 1 Year Internships)————–  January to May (Same Year)



 Start Planning your internship early

Why it’s important to start early

Perhaps you’re graduating this fall, expecting to be free after winter holidays in December and would like to start an internship in January —should you wait till fall to begin your application process? Definitely not! Here are seven reasons why you should begin your application process a lot earlier:

  1. You lock into the Existing Price. Internshipd abroad involves some amount of financial commitment. Starting the program early enough helps you lock into future prices. I have seen some interns who join our programs 18 months ahead of time. That way, they are able to do without price increases due to interest rate fluctuations and accommodation price increases.
  2. You won’t be rushed with preparation (scrambling for visa documents) or as frustrated with the process. We have seen this happen to last minute applicants. It leave you unprepared for the experience and may psychologically affect your readiness.
  3. You will have a buffer for any delays or unforeseen circumstances.
  4. You can take advantage of early bird promotions and discounts.
  5. You will have more offers to choose from, perhaps even from better, more sought after companies as we allocate internships on a first come first served basis. Because of “first-come-first-serve” priciple, all who join on time are placed before later arrivals- its only in the spirit of fairness
  6. You can apply for Multinatiional Organizations, which normally close internship applications six months prior to their intended start date.
  7. You will be able to book cheaper flight tickets to China if you book well in-advanced.
  8. You will have adequate time for online training and interaction with your future colleagues at the host company prior to arrival.


Overall, remember that an internship abroad, regardless of internship length, requires at least as much planning as an overseas vacation.  Combined with the job search, spending three to four months in total for internship hunting, interviews, packing and visa preparation is not bad at all.   Think about how long it takes to find and secure an internship in your home country and you’ll realize in comparison interning in China is quick!


Guaranteed Internship in China

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