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An Internship in China is the best decision any college student or young graduate will ever make. The programs come with unique opportunities that none other destination has. Interning in Beijing, Shanghai or any major city positions you to understand the macroeconomic fundamentals. Multinational organizations do prefer young graduates with a good understanding of emerging markets because these economies are the embodiment of growth. Skills you gain in China will surely pay off. Study Abroad or intern in China on CIP’s platform. Apply now to be considered


At CIP, we conduct extensive research into the kind of opportunities we make available to our interns. We consider Job market demands and reports coming from Reputable Research houses to keep providing relevant and exciting Internships. Our new set of additions for 2018 and beyond are:

  • BlockChain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Fintech
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Combined Digital Marketing (PR, Events, Branding, Content, Media and Research)

CIP is once again leading the Internship Industry with an expanded service delivery to prepare our Interns for the demands of the Job Market. We guarantee Value for Money Apply Now to be Considered for these opportunities

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Internship for Young Graduates and College Students

CIP provides 21st-century internship and Study Abroad solutions to young graduates by grooming, transforming and mentoring them to face real life challenges. We are transforming the face of the internship industry with revolutionized internship and Mandarin study programs. We dare to be different and unique in all ways by combining sound research and development as well as investment into program design just to keep young people abreast with opportunities and skills.Our internship in China program is solid with real experiences. It is noticed that over the past 20 years, Internship Providers have resort to same internship approaches and the face of the industry has been static mean while the 21st century presents serious challenges which require that young people get specific skills to face it head on. Our operations manager puts it this simple: “When the goal post changes, the direction of the ball must change if the player really wants to score” For young people to be properly positioned the contents of internship programs and study abroad opportunities must change because the rules of engagement have changed. If this is not done, we are going to produce graduates who can define technical terms and not experts. We are committed to making sure that young graduates get the best internship program and opportunities.

Internship in China

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What we Offer

  • Professional Internship placement in china specially crafted per your requirement. Our internships are offered to all participants irrespective of whether you choose it or not. If you join our language program, we will also offer you internship placements at no extra cost.
  • Dedicated grooming throughout the process to prepare your mind and psych you up to take opportunities outside your territory. The relevant skills are impacted on you throughout the grooming process
  • We offer you mentoring and coaching as part of Our Internship in China program and is optional for Mandarin Study Program participants
  • Entrepreneurship Training is an integral part of our program as well. We hold training sessions for you polishing up your entrepreneurial skills to fit into international perspective
  • We build your courage to enable you reason and act like a global citizen
  • Opportunity to be part of our CIP Opportunity Network. This is a dedicated network of experts scattered all over the world as well as expats in China, spotting opportunities for our members. The network works out opportunities for those who would like to establish their career in China, this is the right place. They have the connections: both social and corporate. Check our CIP Opportunity Network Page
  • We continue to support you till you drop out. We are always available to support you whenever you needed us even after the project is ended
  • We aim to make it as safe as possible. We try to make sure you are secured and safe during your time in China. We are the safest program in China. We do risk assessment 3 times every year or on emergency basis in case the need arises. There adequate emergency evacuation policies and standards.